1. Missing

From the recording Anne Boleyn

Take this night like any other
A thousand words are said to me, and I
Like the fool I lose them laughing
Dissolve into memory

My hand curls into a fist, and I
Feel the blood leave my fingertips
Feel my touch but do not own my words
Love detached its pain inflicts

Somehow I know I am missing

Somehow I know I am missing
I see this day but it is a dream
Of you and me in every other
I escape but I am never free

Somehow I know I am slipping

Take this sea my only other
A thousand seas wash over me, and I
Like the fool I lose them drowning
And float into infinity
Words & music Dylan Nirvana 2008 ©BMI

Performed by Dylan Nirvana & Myrrh. Produced by Walter Manning of Brunswick Records. Dark, sexualized, guitar rock retelling of the love affair and beheading of Anne Boleyn. Jason Alcantara bass, Tomas Love drums, Lola Johnson backup vocals, all songs, guitars and lead vocals by Dylan Nirvana

Caught in a tide of fate, of being utterly alone. Unreachable arpeggios and a beautifully impossible key change

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