1. Kariya

From the recording Anne Boleyn

She once was a little girl
Until her world was stolen away
Here she remains in the void

Climbing up onto the shelf
In the back room of her mind
She awaits release

I wish I knew where you're gonna go

Make friends with paper and pen
Flatland with a blood red sky
Laughter echoes down an empty hall

I wonder if you know where you're gonna stay

I'll wait for you

In flight to Ireland
A mile above the cold sea below
Starlit waves dancing in her eyes

I know a place that can be your home
Words & music Dylan Nirvana 2008 ©BMI

Performed by Dylan Nirvana & Myrrh. Produced by Walter Manning of Brunswick Records. Dark, sexualized, guitar rock retelling of the love affair and beheading of Anne Boleyn. Jason Alcantara bass, Tomas Love drums, Lola Johnson backup vocals, all songs, guitars and lead vocals by Dylan Nirvana

Dramatic, guitar-driven song about being lied to. A girl brought to foster care far from her home, like a prison. Escapes to Ireland. He loses touch with her. But she never forgets him

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