1. I Live 4 U

From the recording Anne Boleyn

You, you say to me
I, I live for you
All we have are words
You want me to trust you

I live for you
I live for you
And when time is change
You run, you liar
But will you run to me

They found you running
And put you in a fortress
In the middle of the sea

Worse than it was before
When I cannot touch you

I live for you
I live for you
And when time is change
Now it dissolves into nothingness
Now I die for you

If I forget you
You will live your life
I will never forget you
In the space we shared

And when time is change...
Words & music Dylan Nirvana Icarian Publishing BMI ©2008

Performed by Dylan Nirvana & Myrrh. Produced by Walter Manning of Brunswick Records. Dark, sexualized, guitar rock retelling of the love affair and beheading of Anne Boleyn. Jason Alcantara bass, Tomas Love drums, Lola Johnson backup vocals, all songs, guitars and lead vocals by Dylan Nirvana

Anne becomes utterly desperate. Though she retreats into herself

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