Today I crawled outta my hole
I lost my head and my self control
I'm gonna find you and make you stay
I'll put you together and separate

I'm gonna get ya
And make you pay
For being so damn beautiful
In your own way

I'm gonna look for you
Along the interstate
On the highway of my dreams
If you're going my way

There's no need to be afraid
Of love's Electro Ecstatic waves
Electro Ecstatic

Hear me say your name
Hear me take it in vain
I speak into the atmosphere
As if fortune had a face
One that I'll remember
Forever and ever
Forever and ever
Words & music Dylan Nirvana © 2008 BMI

Performed by Dylan Nirvana & Myrrh. Produced by Walter Manning of Brunswick Records. Dark, sexualized, guitar rock retelling of the love affair and beheading of Anne Boleyn. Jason Alcantara bass, Tomas Love drums, Lola Johnson backup vocals, all songs, guitars and lead vocals by Dylan Nirvana

Perhaps the creepiest song, dug up from under the bridge. Plays on irrational fears, psychopathic whispers, dripping noises, a dental drill, and an electrocution of backwards guitars