1. Automatic

From the recording Anne Boleyn

I know a girl whose love never runs out of batteries
She's a regular orgasm factory
She don't get tired
She don't get bored
She's gotta Pocket Rocket stuffed in her drawer

She's Automatic
Emmanuelle don't need a man
As long as she can use her hand

Sydney's a girl whose as smart as she looks
One of the guys
But she's not a guy and I can tell ya
Forget the nails
Forget the tan
Bohemia never saw such epicurean

She's Automatic
When she gets what she wants
She's democratic
You can have her it, it doesn't matter
Pretty girls never know what they want

Erin takes me out behind her neighbor's car
I know she'll go but I don't know just how far
First she sits
And the she kneels
But what I didn't know is that she steals

She's Automatic
Practically the time
She's quite an addict
You can have her it doesn't matter
Pretty girls never know what they want

Words & music Dylan Nirvana ℗&©BMI 2008

Performed by Dylan Nirvana & Myrrh. Produced by Walter Manning of Brunswick Records. Dark, sexualized, guitar rock retelling of the love affair and beheading of Anne Boleyn. Jason Alcantara bass, Tomas Love drums, Lola Johnson backup vocals, all songs, guitars and lead vocals by Dylan Nirvana

Sexy, guitar-driven, Zeppelin-like rocker. BPM 144

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